Campaign contributions can only be made by eligible individuals and cannot be made by organizations or any other individuals. An eligible individual is a resident of British Columbia, and a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident

Anonymous contributions of $50 or less are allowed. However, an eligible individual can only give a total of $50 in anonymous contributions to a single candidate.

Significant contributors are eligible individuals who make campaign contributions of $100 or more to the same candidate. The contributions could be either a single donation of $100 or more, or multiple donations that total $100 or more. This includes:  full name and residential address of contributor; value of contribution; and date of contribution.

Elections BC will redact residential addresses of contributions prior

The maximum value of a campaign contribution that an eligible individual may provide is $1,200.00. An un-endorsed candidate may contribute up to $2,400.00 in 2018. The expense limit of Mayoralty Candidates is $130,813.80.

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