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Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR)

  • Place a moratorium on issuing building permits that exceed the current provincial guidelines until the results of the provincial government’s review have been issued.
  • Obtain a “Ministerial Order” applicable to Richmond to permit the BC Assessment Authority to tax existing non-farm use lands, that exceed the current Provincial guideline for house size, within the ALR, at Richmond property tax rates.
  • Those adjacent ALR houses, such as No. 2 Rd, will connect to the Richmond sewers instead of using septic fields to avoid a future public health issue.


  • Place a limit on the footprint, height and volume of Megahomes.
  • Review footprint and height issues.
  • Review Richmond’s Good Neighbour Program* (Construction Intrusion into Communities) and create a bylaw after consulting with the public.

Affordable Housing and Commercial Space

  • Review the demolition policy for existing housing and consider joint or shared ownership of the existing housing stock within single family zoning. This will allow the next generation to build equity instead of renting.
  • Review the needs for commercial zoning. Establish protected commercial zoning.
  • Strike a public advisory committee on the above.


  • Open City Hall to the public by providing  good governance through Transparency, Integrity, Accountability & Public Consultation and the use of town hall meetings.
  • Tighten up spending at City Hall including a thorough review of the salaries paid and the implementation of a continuous improvement “Kaizen” program.
  • Review the appointment of the auditors and past expenditures.
  • Publicly available reports for all staff trips.
  • An Advisory OVAL Committee to assess all financial commitments and viability of the OVAL going forward.
  • An Advisory Lulu Island Energy Corporation (LIEC) Committee to assess all financial commitments and viability of the LIEC continuing as a City corporation.
  • Place LIEC within the purview of the British Columbia Utilities Commission to ensure proper oversight of rates charged.
  • End senior City staff positions with other owned operations under the 1A5B – (One Administration-Five Businesses) concept so that they can focus solely on serving the City’s needs.

Public Consultation and Ward Representation

  • Increase the number of citizen committees. Reinstate the Advisory Planning Committee and create a new Advisory Financial Committee to review all spending, a new Advisory OVAL Committee and a new Advisory Lulu Island Energy Committee to review costs and rates.
  • Create an Advisory Transit Committee to review Bus/Canada Line proposed changes.
  • After public consultation, create a ward system in Richmond to improve representation of the different areas. Four seats on Council will be ward representatives the remaining will remain “at large”.
  • If successful, provide a smooth and informed transition for the next incoming Council. I only plan on serving one four year term.
  • Mentoring of new incoming Councillors.

Property Taxes

  • Change the current Consumer Price Index (CPI) + 1% property tax methodology to 1.1 X CPI
  • Refund surplus taxes collected instead of using them to fund Council’s/Staffs” wish list.
  • Cease issuing of demolition permits for existing housing stock in infill areas until a thorough public consultation has been performed.
  • Investigate the return of about $1 billion in property tax surpluses.

Bylaw Enforcement

  • Develop and enforce bylaws for “Airbnb” and other internet offerings.
  • Create an applicable property tax scheme for Airbnbs.
  • Proactively enforce other bylaws.

Financial Reporting

  • Provide understandable financial reporting for the City, the OVAL, Lulu Island Energy Corporation and other past Council ventures such as VROX Sports Simulation Ltd and the OVAL’s “VROX”.
  • Improve visibility of financial transfers between all municipal corporations.


  • Seek an improved relationship with the RCMP to increase their presence and effectiveness within Richmond.